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Agile Coaching

Expensive generic training classes may help the participants achieve Agile certifications, but our view is that your Agile cultural change will require specific hybrid or blended courseware, classroom, virtual, e-learning designed to support your transformation.

When enhancing delivery competency, there is often a gap between the classroom inputs or coaching and real-life practices.  We work alongside your Scrum Masters and Coaches to develop bespoke Agile training, for management, agile programmes and teams so that participants learn how your organization wishes to run Agile activities.  These courses will be specifically designed to support your ways of working and align with your culture.  Using building blocks of agile wisdom and modern training theory our experiential training uses practical sessions to illustrate the pragmatic application of Agile and Change Management practices.  We train your trainers so that your organization can become self-sufficient with Agile Course delivery. 

Our Agile Coach’s training is designed to give your Service Delivery Managers and Scrum Master the teaching skills to become Agile Coaches and support your Agile Transformation. Our practical course talks about course design and coaching using recognized training theory.  We will place teaching in the context of Agile coaching.  We will introduce the modern back of classroom teaching methods. 

We provide training courses for delivery teams, the managers of Agile teams, and senior managers. Learning new skills is a critical need when seeking productivity, creativity, and faster responses to market challenges.  

Training is an essential component as an organization alters its ways of working. Our bespoke course designs allow an organization to step away from the certification mill to deliver specifically tailored, economic training that meets your organizational objectives. Using a combination of their extensive knowledge of Agile and change management techniques our enterprise coaches seek to make the structural, process, and team level changes that increase strategic agility.  Our Enterprise Coaches enable organizations to progress on the journey to Beneficial Agile.

Agility is created by altering your existing ways of working and adopting Agile and Lean leadership principles.
We take a framework-agnostic stance preferring to use the right approach rather than following a prescribed solution.
Using building blocks of agile wisdom and modern training theory our experiential training uses practical sessions to illustrate the pragmatic…

What People Say

‘Beneficial Consulting has been providing us clear, targeted, and pragmatic agile transformational leadership. Combining a structured approach starting from what we are trying to achieve with training and coaching, we are already seeing the benefits of quicker cycle times to better value and more engaged colleagues. I look forward to another period of probing, reflecting,…

Jerome Tassel
Jerome Tassel Transformation Director, Dynamic Infrastructure

‘Beneficial Consulting provides a pragmatic and catalytic approach to the world of Agile transformation and transitioning from traditional ways of working to Agile. CEO Jon Ward stands out, providing practical advice, based upon Agile wisdom and successful recent experience.  Beneficial Consulting is a team that can make a difference.’

Alan Gedye
Alan Gedye Head of Change Management

‘As a Cutter Consortium client observed, Jon combines, “thought leadership with pragmatism!”. That’s the perfect balance of innovative insight and hands-on, concrete guidance that all executives and teams benefit from most. It’s based on decades of experience guiding teams through tough challenges toward a future state where delivery is faster, more predictable, and yields higher…

Karen Coburn
Karen Coburn CEO