Expensive generic training classes may help the participants achieve agile certifications, but will these classes enable your teams to deliver better results?  Our view is while certifcation has a place your organisation will need courseware to implement your working practices and your culture.




It has been proven that better-trained project teams deliver awesome results.  When enhancing delivery competency, there is often a gap between the classroom inputs or coaching and the real-life practices. 


We work alongside your Scrum Masters and Coaches to develop bespoke agile training, both classroom and e-learning, for management and teams so that participants learn how your organisation wishes to run agile activities.  These courses will be specifcally designed to support your ways of working, and align with your culture.  



Using training theory our experiential training uses practical sessions to illustrate the pragmatic application of Agile and Change Management practices.  We can train your trainers so that your organisation can become self sufficent with Agile Course delivery.

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 Our Agile Coach’s training is designed to give your Service Delivery Managers and Scrum Masters the teaching skills to become agile coaches and support your agile transformation.


Our practical course talks about course design and coaching using recognised training theory.  We will place teaching in the context of agile coaching.  We will introduce modern back of the classroom teaching methods.


We provide training courses for delivery teams, the managers of agile teams and senior managers.

Learning new skills is a critical need when seeking productivity, creativity and faster responses to market challenges.  Training is an essential component as an organisation alters it’s ways or working.


Our bespoke course designs allows an organisation to step away from the certification mill to deliver specifically tailored, economic training which meets you organisational objectives.


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