Creating a culture to innovate and deliver complex digital era transformation is rarely as easy as delivering smaller activities.  These changes challenge structural boundaries necessitating collaboration over new technology, operations, products, or services. 


This complexity demands organisational and delivery precision so that your strategic visions are realised.  The rigour is provided by a combination of capability, culture and the appropriate agile disciplines.  



Members of our consulting team hold certification in the main agile frameworks.  In addition we are experts in the planning and execution of transformaional change.  We are proud of or consulting team; their skills enable them to make long-lasting result delivering organisational improvements.  

Agile Business

Beneficial uses agile techniques so that you can deliver measurable benefits.  

  •       Shorter times to value,
  •       Increased Customer Satisfaction
  •       Reduced average costs,
  •       Improved utilisation of resources,
  •       Better quality outputs,


Using practical knowledge of agile practices we select the appropriate agile framework.  The behavioural and process elements necessary to enable agility change culture and improve performance. 


Our knowledge base is taken from SAFe, LeSS, Disciplined Agile, Scrum, but also from more traditional sources such as; PRINCE2 Agile, Managing Successful Programmes, P3O, CMMI and other International Standards.  



We use agile techiques to plan and deliver our assignments. We provide agile coaches and trainers.  We help you select and implement agile frameworks which support your organisational goals. 


We have the skills to deliver Benefical Agile. Contact us.


Managing an agile transformation is not easy and needs to led from within.  We provide agile catalysts who help you to identify the organisational practices which potentially prevent you from reaching your goal for agility.


We enable business agility. Contact us.