Beneficial Consulting provides agile coaches for teams, programmes, and enterprise transformations.  Our team coaches help agile teams to adopt your new ways of working.  They are focussed on enhancing productivity and ensuring that each team displays the appropriate level of agile discipline and control.


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Our programme level coaches are experienced, often certified agile practitioners who are used to planning and controllng activities with multiple teams.  Our coaches use Scrum and Kanban for programme control and coordination. 


We take a framework agnostic stance.  Our coaches may assist you with the implementation of one or more of the agile frameworks.



Our enterprise agile coaches can also coach your coaches.

Relentless continous improvement doesn’t only apply to teams.  It also applies to the coaching of those teams.


Using a combination of their extensive knowledge of agile and change management techniques our enterprise coaches seek to make the structural, process and team level changes which increase strategic agility.  Our enterprise coaches enable organisations to progress on journey to beneficial agile.


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