Since 2011 Beneficial Consulting has been concerned with the delivery of value.  Having clarity regarding the potential business benefits from each of our assignments is therefore key.  Our fundamental belief is that when an organisation seeks to adopt agile then desired business outcomes should be established and measured.


Man turning knob to changing project management methodology from traditional to agile PM. Composite image between a hand photography and a 3D background.

Our expertise is enabling enterprises to make the switch from traditional ways of working to agile operating model. 


Often this involves organisational redesign to realise the full potential of agile.  Our team contains skilled change management professionals with in-depth knowledge of the organisational impacts of agile

Enterprise agility doesn’t only rely upon culture it is also about giving your people tools from the digital era.  Robotics, artifical intelligence, and data analytics are often required.  Our team understand how these tools increase productivity and enable the rapid decision making essential to enterprise agility.


Our clients see Beneficial Consulting as a results orientated independent advisor for enterprise agility.  We are valued for our expertise and pragmatism.

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