training for agile

It has been proven that better-trained project teams deliver better, cheaper results.  When enhancing delivery competency, there is often a gap between the classroom inputs or coaching and the real-life practices.  Our experiential training uses practical sessions to illustrate the pragmatic application of Agile best practices.

benefits - some soundbites

“A surprisingly good use of my time!”

“what has been presented is pragmatic and I now understand my role”

“I now have a framework in which I can engage and challenge senior management”

“finally, I understand the importance of the Risk and Issues logs!”

“I want to restructure my Steering Committee to include only the decision makers”

“I liked the use of benchmarks and rules of thumb”

“good to hear input from someone who is streetwise and is an expert!”

our approach

The Beneficial approach is to use the client processes and practices to illustrate the desired behaviours. Our course content is focused on the cultural differences that are necessary for enhanced performance. We provide bespoke training and coaching to:

  • Agile Sponsors.
  • Subject Matter Experts.
  • Agile Programme Managers.
  • Agile Project Managers.

Please see our outline course descriptions below: