enterprise agile consulting

Delivering complex digital era transformational change is rarely as easy as delivering smaller activities.  Transformation is pushing the structural boundaries involving; new technology, operations, products, services or behaviours.  This complexity demands organisational and delivery precision so that the strategic visions are realised.  This precision is provided by a combination of an agile culture and the appropriate disciplines. 

Agile programme delivery emphasises the early delivery of value through the incremental releases of products, capabilities and or services.  Agile programmes reduce waste by regularly checking their alignment with current strategic business goals.  Typically they cost less by ensuring that “only enough” is done to fulfil the programme vision.  They also release funds and resources once “just enough” is realised.  These benefits are achieved through the use of skills and processes by the agile teams.  Our enterprise agile consultants provide a pragmatic toolset which enable agile teams to deliver.


Agile programmes are inclusive vehicles of change; which deliver results swiftly, economically and with a high degree of acceptability. 

For one client we have reduced the average duration of projects by 38%.

Beneficial Consultants assist with setting agile programmes up for success, optimising execution using waterfall or agile delivery frameworks, programme release planning, and enabling the delivery of business benefits.

our approach

Our consultants take the necessary actions to ensure that the enterprise eco-system is set up for success.  Such items could include:

  • Project organisation, roles and responsibilities,
  • Business case, benefits and value management,
  • Portfolio management and financial controls,
  • Plans and agile planning – what is just-enough?
  • Risk management,
  • Forecasting and reporting – minimum standards,
  • Baselines and change management,
  • Checkpoints and assurance,
  • Managing organisational learning,
  • Agile coaching rule book.

We then focus on embedding these practices, providing training and coaching in order to realise the desired outcomes.