agile transformation

Adopting agile at the enterprise level is a journey which transforms the way that an organisation delivers projects.  Moving away from traditional waterfall approaches it produces a new type of productivity allowing faster, lower cost reactions to strategic and market changes.

However, Agile impacts the ways in which the organisation operates collaborates and governs to produce, new products, services, compliance, and strategies.  Using Agile changes the organisation's structure, roles, and responsibilities, stakeholder engagement, people's behaviour, team dynamics, individual career paths, appraisal and rewards, tools, processes, and so on.  It is a fundamental switch away from the scientific management based approaches to modern collaborative motivational leadership.


Our services are designed to enable rapid secure agile adoption; providing lightweight guidelines combined with in-depth coaching and training in order to de-risk and accelerate organisational change.  We concentrate on the things which will make a difference and deliver measurable improvements.  We measure the improvements made through all stages of the change journey ensuring that targeted results are achieved.  For example:

  • We have reduced the average duration of projects in a major bank by 48%.
  • We have reduced time to market in an Insurer by 16%.
  • We have improved the quality of project outcomes measured by number of defects found in UAT from 48% to less than 10%.

We achieved these results using change management techniques combined with agile at scale frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS, and Disciplined Agile, to ensure that the organisation swiftly realises the benefits of these new ways of working.   

our approach

Adopting agile is as much about culture as it is about the process.  As pragmatic agilists, our consultants use proven change management techniques and knowledge of best practices to examine the organisation and create an agile culture. 

Agile practices are typically designed to be utilised at the individual team level.  Effort has, therefore, to be applied to designing a change management eco-system which enables projects to be delivered efficiently across the entire organisation.  These elements include; governance, sponsorship, accounting and business oversight.  Our consultants not only introduce the agile techniques.  We also focus on the essential organisational ingredients which make agile a success.

Our Beneficial consultants increase the security of the journey, ensure that initiatives continue to be delivered while this change happens and make sure that results are achieved.